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TVB Poster Series @ SfN 2017

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TVB Poster Series @ SfN 2017

Don't miss the TVB poster series at SfN where you can find out about the latest research using TVB.

This year, in addition to TheVirtualBrain non-profit exhibit booth [Booth 3422], we are also hosting a linked poster session. Here we will be highlighting the work of 10 different researchers whom are using TVB software. Be sure to add these posters to your SfN itinerary via the Meeting Planner App available now.

Posters Include

  • [813.04] Julie Courtiol
    Resting-state functional brain connectivity in the epileptic brain decoded by large-scale brain network modelling

  • [813.05] Qin Liu
    Using a large-scale neural model of visual-auditory processing to investigate the neural substrate for managing multiple items in working memory

  • [813.06] Andreas Spieler
    Exploring the responsive networks of the mouse brain using focal stimulation in a connectome-brain model

  • [813.07] Paul Triebkorn
    Cataloguing and understanding dynamical regimes of the human brain using The Virtual Brain simulator

  • [813.08] Daniel Siu
    Multiscale simulation of brain adaptation after stroke using the virtual brain

  • [813.09] Spase Petkoski
    Personalized brain network models predict novel epilepsy surgery strategies

  • [813.10] Tyler Good
    Biophysical parameters sensitive to repeated concussion in retired professional ice hockey players: A network modeling approach

  • [813.11] Joelle Zimmermann
    Patient-specific virtual brain models of alzheimer's

  • [813.12] Amanda Easson
    Examining brain network dynamics in children with and without autism spectrum disorder using The Virtual Brain

  • [813.13] Antonio Ulloa
    Comparing intrinsic and task-evoked functional connectivity in a computational model of visual short-term memory

We look forward to seeing you at SfN 2017!


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Society for Neuroscience 2017

Walter E. Washington Convention Centre
Washington, DC
Hall A-C

Wednesday November 15, 2017
13:00 - 17:00


The Virtual Brain
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