The Virtual Brain

  • New Release: TVB version 2.7.1 integrates the siibra & BCT for Python!

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    Just in time for SfN 2022 in San Diego, we're releasing TVB 2.7.1 with over 40 improvements including bug fixes and dependencies upgrades.

    Head over to our download page and get your update for Windows, macOS and Linux now!

    If you have questions or would like to see a demo, visit our booth 3116 in the Institute & Nonprofit area of SfN 2022!

    Spotlight: siibra integration

    With our brand-new siibra integration, you can easily access the EBRAINS human brain atlas.

    siibra hides much of the complexity from collecting and interacting with individual parcellations, templates and data repositories.

    (side note: siibra was already built in but disabled in TVB 2.7.0 because we were waiting for a bugfix from the siibra team regarding the import of Large Scale Connectivities or Functional Connectivities)

    Spotlight: BCT switched from MATLAB to Python

    The popular Brain Connectivity Toolbox started out as a MATLAB toolbox for complex brain-network analysis has been a part of TVB for a long time.

    With the switch to the Python version of BCT, TVB drops a MATLAB dependency and becomes a viable tool for even more neuroscientists!

    All changes in a nutshell

    • Siibra integration

    • BCT analyzers - switch to bctpy library

    • new BIDS monitoring module

    • add deepcopy implementation on HasTraits

    • Projects can be marked as read-only (useful for shared projects like DefaultProject on OKD EBRAINS)

    • Bug fixes (e.g. Wavelet adapter, allenSDK compatibility, mutable neotraits, neocom.DirLoader)