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      TVB Facility Hub on EBRAINS

    The Virtual Brain Facility Hub at Aix-Marseille University will provide expert support for activities linked to the use of The Virtual Brain. The Hub aims to increase the capacity of neuroscientists to use ICT tools, such as TVB and EBRAINS, in order to advance scientific knowledge and facilitate the translation of research into clinical applications. To find out more, Click Here

    The Facility Hubs are contributions from HBP partners to the new EBRAINS research infrastructure, and complement the EBRAINS services currently on offer. The FENIX supercomputing network - which delivers the computational power behind EBRAINS - will support the Facility Hubs by providing access to computing resources for data storage, analysis, and simulation, through its six centres; BSC in Spain, CEA in France, CSC in Finland, CINECA in Italy, CSCS in Switzerland, and JSC in Germany.