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  • New TVB website offers easier downloads, improves support for scientists

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    When the first website for The Virtual Brain was built, the software hadn't even reached beta state. That was in 2011.

    In the last 5 years, we've added many new parts to the website and saw the list of newsworthy events, software releases, research papers and contributors grow. The old structure was bursting at its seams. So for SfN2016, we thought it would be the perfect time to start from scratch and completely relaunch it!

    Apart from a modern layout and design, we had you, our visitor, user, scientist in mind with the relaunch:

    • The new homepage gives you everything new and exciting at a glance.
    • Downloads of our TVB software are front and center now! No separate registration website anymore.
    • An overview of all resources for software support and help has been concentrated in one place now.
    • Technical requirements are described in greater detail and also concentrated in one place.
    • We proudly introduce our entire team of contributors, scientists, software developers and scientists as well.
    • The massively extended NewsWire section provides a quick and easy overview about our recent activities. You can also subscribe to our news with an RSS feed!
    • We added tons of photos from the many events you and us participated in!

    We hope you enjoy our new website!