The Virtual Brain

  • New release: The Virtual Brain version 1.5.3 (incl. latest bugfix releases)

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    This release brings over 50 improvements and bug fixes and is available for download for all supported platforms!

    The new version includes a modernization of the PSE Viewer (done during the Google Summer of Code 2016 by our student Devin Baily). Also an integral part of the official TVB distribution is the Allen Connectivity Creator. So you can create TVB-compatible connectivities from the huge Allen Brain database!

    The entire TVB software package is now under the GPLv3 license (earlier versions were under GPLv2). This makes it easier to integrate other open source packages with different licenses (e.g. the Apache license).

    Head over to our download page and get your update now!

    Note: After releasing v1.5.1 three days ago, we discovered a few more bugs, so make sure you have downloaded the most current version!