The Virtual Brain

Learn TVB the easy way

The Virtual Brain is a big, customizable neuroinformatics platform with tons of features and many use cases.

If you haven't used such a tool before and don't know what data to play with, it might look daunting…

But fear not, we're here to help!

The TVB EduPack is an officially approved and growing list of EduCases – giving you a headstart with video lectures and step-by-step tutorials.

Some of our EduCases come with a research paper as baseline, plus ready-made Python notebooks and even datasets for importing!

Make sure the check out all major TVB-related publications as well!

In our Brainsimulator section, you can find more help & tutorial resources.

Submit your own EduCase

Have you done interesting research using TVB and want to share it as a learning experience?

Your research could be featured here as well!

Your EduCase should contain the following assets:

  • Tutorial video, e.g. a lecture you gave (has to be hosted on YouTube)
  • Link to your research paper (must be published, not in peer-review anymore)
  • optional: iPhython notebook with short walk-through incl. code samples
  • optional: Accompanying code, hosted on your own website or GitHub
  • optional: set of demo data, hosted on your own website or GitHub

If you provide demo data, please make sure that you have cleared the privacy and usage rights!

Send your EduCase submission info directly to for evaluation.

EduCases for The Virtual Brain.

Learning by doing.